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Selected breeds ...

The Ferme de la Tremblaye has currently 150 dairy cows (Jersey and Prim Holstein) and 350 billy and nanny-goats (« Alpines Chamoisées » and «  Murciana-Granadina »), that we have been breeding for more than 40 years in the most respectful and attentive to animal wellbeing way. Building on our livestock’s biodiversity allows us to produce all year round a rich milk, and maintain production of our outstanding farm made cheeses.

... and pampered animals

Our animals are outside, in pasture, as much as possible, in the shade of the apple trees planted as recommended by agroforestry. And when the weather does not permit, they still get green grass “inside”.

Their feed is exclusively GMO free.
Or cows’ wellbeing and health is monitored real time, through a sensor on one of their legs : it monitors their moves, their lives and the quality of their milk. The breeder can therefore adjust in real time the care and nutrition provided on an individual basis.



The Jersey cow : an exceptional dairy cow

Petite and elegant, the Jersey cow is known for its rusticity, it’s character and it’s extraordinary capacity to transform its fiber intake into useful materials : A milk rich in minerals, protein and butterfat, but also vitamins, oligo elements and omega 3 & 6.


She is the perfect dairy cow for farm cheese production, even though she produces slightly less than her sister cows (20 à 25 liters/day, versus around 30 for the other breeds). We have currently 70 Jersey cows.

Cheese and yoghurt made from its milk have a distinct cremosity, an unctuous texture and a unique taste.

The Holstein : the dairy queen

Well known for its black and white coat, she fills a substantial part of the fields of France !

As the Jersey cow, she has a good productivity.

She is easy to raise, and produces a quality milk, even more so when pampered at the  Ferme de la Tremblaye !



the Ferme de la Tremblaye goats

At the Ferme de la Tremblaye, two breeds of goats have been living together for a few years, with complementary qualitities :

  • The Murciana-Granadina is a sturdy little goat, from Spain, that is very resistant and, like the Jersey, produces an extremely rich milk.

  • The Alpine Chamoisée shows, like the Holstein cow, all the qualities of a good dairy producer, resistant and productive.

Note : If our goat livestock is 3 times larger than our cow livestock, it is also because a goat only produces 3 liters of milk a day on average !

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